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Difference between Warranty vs Guarantee 

Construction professional come across these two words warranty and Guarantee very frequently and its important to know the difference between Guarantee and Warranty.

in many technical contracts and purchase orders we often use these two words guarantee and warranty as part of terms and conditions in various machinery and product related purchase orders and contracts.

Warranty : 

the word warranty means, the extended term of Guarantee , where in the repair work is ensured in case of any failure with in the warranty period.

warranty relates to the repair related things which comes majorly in machinery and motor related items.


Guarantee :

the word Guarantee, comes with a broad meaning, which means the Assurance of the Seller to the buyer about its Good Quality and service for a period of time before its expiry date and also the seller is ready to refund or replace the product of the service in case of any failure during the stipulated time.

Guarantee is an asurance from the owner or the manufacturer to make the defects goods, if it occurs in case.

guarantee comes in product and service related items.