for any organisation, team and an individual, its necessary to note the FEED BACK.


so that they can improve more for the betterment of an individual and one and ALL.


we also request you all to provide us the genuine feed back, based on our present status, for future improvements and better service.


please send us your mail’s to the mail id mentioned in our contact details.




1. Generally the feedback can be of POSITIVE or NEGATIVE !!

2. whether the feedback is positive or negative, for us both means, YOU  care for us and WE ASSURE you, we care about you.

3. based on the feed back received, we would love to study, understand and change the necessary things needed and update with the details which are required for the readers and our website well wishers.

4. we encourage all other respectable writers, construction industry experts, students of CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY and various other article contributors to send us their contents, research, practical experiences, images / photos , videos and any data which will be usefull for our readers here. YOU ALL ARE MOST WELCOME !!!.

5. generally people don’t ask for feed back. beacuse they really don’t know how the feed back is going to help them. the various reasons being, they don’t know HOW to ask for it, they dont know WHOM to ask??, they don’t know WHY TO ask for ??. BUT for us, feedback in any form, any format is acceptable as long as it is encouraging and practical for the majority of members.

6. please mention your name, profession,contact details before sending the FEEDBACK to us. please send the FEED BACK to us at ONLY.

7. please refer clearly, on which content, on which page, of the WEBSITE you are providing us the feed back, sothat it will HEP us further to understand, realize and improve the status from present to the desired state. instead of commenting, on the page, we appreciate you send us mails in the mail id provided, which would be benificial for ALL OF US.

8. with lot of Good intentions and HOPES we have created this website for the GUIDANCE, HELP AND FOR THE RESOURCES,  which would be usefull for all the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY professionals. further we are planing to develop and improve the JOB POSTINGS in this website, which would be going to provide as easy access for the CONSTRUCTION JOBS searching aspirants and for those who are looking at various vacancies and jobs in and around construction industry.


while writing or sending the feed back please note that, in the process of improving the website, whether its design,colour,content,images,fonts,technical and non – technical – our sincere request is, YOU ALSO PLEASE LET US KNOW, IF YOU CAN BECOME ANY help to us in the process of implementing / applying / incorporating / adding / subtracting / modifying / improving the feedback which was provided by you….

10. in this way what we can assure you is, this is the platform where you can get what you want and we can also provide in future what you deserve and what cannot to be provided here.