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Vastu Tips for Your Home Main Entrance, Kitchen, Staircase, Master Bedroom, Pooja room, Toilet and etc: Its not necessary that you should follow the vastu, but the following information is for all to know about the directions/placing and a little of vastu.

  • Vastu or vasthu or vaastu means ” the ART  of house or designing of house”
  • Generally the DIRECTIONS ARE FOUR.
  • North, South, East and West.
  • In India – major followers of vastu are present.
  • Vastu and fengshui both are related to ancient history, which deals with human, nature and harmony of both.
  • In vastu the 8 directions are considered, they are NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, NORTH- EAST, NORTH-WEST, and SOUTH-EAST AND SOUTH WEST.
  • the placing of the house, entrance,rooms,kitchen,toilets and bedrooms are based on the 5 natural elements, namely, WATER,AIR,EARTH,FIRE and SPACE.
  • These five elements are the MAJOR contributors for vastu and fengshui.
  • In vasthu, The master bedroom should be placed at south – west corner.
  • Toilet / wash room / rest room/ bath room location to be at North – west corner.
  • Kitchen location to be at south – east Corner.
  • Home / Building entrance must be at north – east location.
  • By looking at the direction of Sun or compass, at particular location of Plot / land / site / home / office etc. the rooms are placed and need to be adjusted.
  • It depends on an individual to follow or NOT to follow the above tips.
  • Depending on the location, country, geography, sun directions, wind flows and environment all around the home or building placings can be done to suit the tranquility of one and all.

vasthu for main entrace


  • The directions of staircase step while climbing should be towards – North to South and East to West.
  • The Steps – of the Staircase must be always in ODD number as per vastu experts.
  • If the staircase – steps are found broken, immediately they have to be replaced or rectified.
  • The location of the staircase should be place generally at south or west side of the house / plot/ building .
  • Staircase must be painted in light colours; darker colours should be avoided for staircases
  • The space below the staircase must be used for storage purpose, as per the advice of the vastu experts, the pooja room must not be placed below the staircases.
  • The circular design staircases are NOT good, as per vastu experts advice.
  • Generally the doors are kept at the entrance and at the exit of the staircases.
  • Turning of the staircases should be always to the clock wise direction.
  • The North – East Direction is considered as very auspicious and profitable place, so the staircase should not be located in this place, the staircase is not a profitable object, if it is placed in North – east corner.
  • If it is placed in north – east location, it would cause the damage to both health and wealth of the house owners and property owners.
  • The height of each step should be less than six inches and can be kept between 4 to 6 inches, for the comfort and easy access.